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Dressing Room Makeover {Full Story!}

We have done a lot of room remodelling and redecorating in our own houses and for our family, but now that we’ve begun this business, we wanted a chance to work for someone else on a completely different type of design than what we’ve done in the past. So we convinced a friend to be our first client and she asked us to help her finish a project she had started but was kind of stuck on. Here’s how it was:

She has a great spare room/small bedroom with French doors that she had planned to turn into a fancy little dressing room and organized spot for her awesome collection of clothes and shoes. She had started on it by collecting some pieces she liked and painting the walls, but hadn’t gotten it all put together and wasn’t even sure if she liked the colors she had chosen for the walls. She invited us over to look at it, and we sat down and looked at her Pinterest boards and what she really loved, and I noticed that most of the inspiration pictures she pinned were either very breezy and elegant or bold and bright, so we started talking about some ideas that could appeal to both of those sides of her personality and style. One thing she mentioned a few times was that she really loved Kate Spade, and that woman is the queen of blending those two styles! So when I went home to begin drawing up a design, I used that as the main inspiration for this room. The first things that comes to mind when I think of Kate Spade are black and white stripes and bright watercolor florals. Oh, and lots of bright gold accents! Here is the design that I came up with (using a free app on my iPad)

In creating the design, I was trying to keep the cost as low as possible and also incorporate as many of the pieces she already had into the room (like the ottoman, mirror, and dressers). We knew for sure that the floors needed to be redone and the walls repainted, but also wanted to have lots of fun accessories and a good display system for her clothes and shoes, and all of that can add up quick! To buy everything ready made was going to blow the budget, so we went into full DIY mode. (Our favorite mode!) 

To keep this post readable, I will detail the individual DIY projects in their own posts, but here is a breakdown of what we did:

  • Painted a bold accent wall with black and white stripes 
  • Laid new laminate flooring
  • Repainted two dressers and their drawer pulls
  • Built shelves to display shoes
  • Built and installed custom clothes racks with shelves
  • Hand painted watercolor floral curtains (who knew that was a thing?!)
  • Turned thrifted finds into fun wall art and decor
  • Shopped and shopped some more to find the best stuff at the best price!

Whew! We packed a lot of projects into one little room, but I have to say that the end result was so worth all that work. I also have to give major props to Edys (the DIY master) for making this room come together. I may come up with the crazy ideas, but she’s the one that figures out how to make them happen! She painted the room, built the shelving, installed most of the floors (with help from my husband to speed it up), and lots of other little pieces. So without further ado, here is the final result:

In all, this project was completed in about a week and half. Not bad for a complete overhaul, right? I love the way it turned out! 

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