How It Works

So you want to get Dovetail on board with your project, here’s how it all goes down:

Step 1: Schedule a Design Consultation. $75.00/hour

This is the brainstorming session where we get a good idea of what you’re looking to do and can give you some feedback and some of our own ideas. Once you get in touch to schedule a consultation, we will ask you for some initial information about your project and get some ideas to bring with us, that way the meeting is as chock full of ideas and planning as possible. Maybe this is all you need to get the confidence to go forth and conquer your project yourself! But if you want to keep us along for the ride, see Step 2:

Step 2: Get a Plan + Estimate

After our meeting, we will go home and start crunching numbers with your budget in mind, filling Pinterest boards, and drawing plans. We will give you two options for moving forward:

Option #1: The DIY Blueprint

We will estimate the cost of completing the project all on your own and give you the plans to follow to do it (paint colors, furniture ideas and where to get them, renovations to complete and how to do them, etc.) Think of it like a guided DIY, helping you stay on track and keep to the finished vision, but saving big bucks by doing all the dirty work yourself! All you pay us is the design fee to create your blueprint, which we will quote you based on the size and scope of your project. If at any point in your project you decide you want to bring us back in to help, just ask! We can provide services a la carte, if needed.

Option #2: Full Dovetail Service

We will give you the estimated cost for completing your project and having us to help you every step of the way. We are not a construction company, so we may bring in quotes from other service providers (like plumbers or electricians) as part of this estimate. We will help with implementing the design plan and seeing it through from start to finish! Think of this plan as getting your own personal DIY fairy godmothers, let us take the stress off your shoulders and get the job done as quickly as possible.

Step 3: Let’s get this party started! We’ve got your budget, got your plan in hand, now it’s time to break out the brushes, hammers, and shopping carts and make your home sparkle.