We’re your friendly neighborhood DIYers, with an eye for design and a willingness to get dirty! Dovetail started with a kitchen, that turned into another room, that turned into the entire first floor of a house, and that spilled into other houses. We¬†are a mother-in-law/daughter-in-law team that have managed to get ourselves into reno project after reno project, and we soon realized that we might be able to fill a gap in the current home renovation market in central Indiana. Interior design can be costly and DIYing is tough if you don’t know where to start, no matter how many pins are on your Dream Home Pinterest board. That’s where we come in. Dovetail means “to fit together harmoniously”, and that’s sometimes the hardest thing to accomplish as a home DIYer. You start with a bunch of ideas, and then you get to the end (or maybe lost somewhere in the middle) and realize you have 20 different colored walls, furniture that doesn’t quite match, and a bunch of fake plants that you can’t remember where you planned to put or why you bought them to begin with! It’s hard to bring it all together. We want to help you bring your best ideas to life and be an extra set of hands, hammers, or paintbrushes to get the job done. Explore our blog to get inspiration, or call and set up a consultation, and let’s get the party started!